23 March 2014

This many whiles

This many whiles
The children went outside to play in the beautiful sunshine. The initial decision was to go on the trampoline, but this changed to riding bikes.  This meant Zach was left out as he isn't up to bike riding speed yet.
So he came in upset and told Lana all about it.  Then he stopped and said, "Peter!" and ran off.
A short while Peter came in and explained what Zach had done.
Zach asked Peter, "Jump trampoline with me!"
Peter replied, "My feet hurt.  I've been working all day."
Zach raised his hand with spread fingers and said, "Only this many whiles."
So they went and played on the trampoline.  A very short while later, the others noticed the activity on the trampoline and soon they were all on the trampoline after all.
But only for a "while".

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