6 March 2014

If I had a twin ...

If I had a twin he'd be great.
Rose asked Clare a question and Peter interrupted with a silly answer.
Ariel said to Peter, "Rose asked Clare a question? Should I call you Clare from now on?"
Clare said, "Oooh.  I have a twin sister called Clare."
Rose piped in, "Not a sister, a twin brother."
"Yeah, a twin brother called Clare," said Ariel.
Martin had been carefully listening to this exchange and added his thoughts.
"I'd love a twin brother. He can do my school work. He could clean up while I play with the neighbour."
"Oh you're a generous brother," Peter commented.
"I could get him to ask for stuff so if he gets in trouble he can get sent to bed." Martin replied.
I somehow suspect Martin hasn't quite understood the concept of a twin brother.

Another 11th reason.

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