9 March 2014

Practical Training

Would you eat a dinner from this man?
As part of our practical homeschooling, we are able to use our business to provide unique opportunities for each of our children depending on their differing talents and desires.
We are about to start a monthly series of Chef's special dinners in which our son, now a 2nd year apprentice chef, will be preparing a three course meal for 30 diners.
This is a good opportunity as almost all of the diners already know him from his time working at the shop, and we are able to combine our experience of serving larger groups with his experience as an apprentice chef.
Part of the preparation was doing a trial run for just the family, but as this is catering for 10 people, it is a pretty good trial.  The meal was excellent and together we were able to apply a few refinements to the preparation plan and only one or two tweaks to the meals. Our taste buds are still remembering the fine dinner.
To make sure the dessert work at the scale required for 30 people, we made a large cake even though it was just for us.  Only some of it was eaten at the trial, but the rest went extremely well with our cafe customers next day.  General reaction was sighs of satisfaction and queries as to where we had obtained the cake. We just said our son did a fine job!
It's good seeing positive results to our evolving education plan over the years. Concentrating on the fundamentals and providing good work experience earlier on has helped create a citizen that can make an excellent contribution to the society.

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Colette Haymes said...

I would eat a dinner from this fine young man!!!