17 March 2014

Just so helpful

Are you hungry?
Our cats enjoy having Opa and Grandma living with us.  We feed them 2 meals a day with just the basics. But the cats know if they look longingly at Opa or Grandma they get various bonus meals and special treats.
While Lana's parents are away travelling, the cats are missing on all the treats.  But lately we noticed the dry food was running out. After some investigation we realised that whenever the cats whined a little near Zach, he went to the dry food container and gave them more by filling up their bowl.  What they didn't eat, the birds came in and had their share.
No wonder we never knew where it was going as the bowls were always empty when we looked!  Wasn't he helpful?
So I thought I would take a photo of Zach and the cat for this article.  Have you ever tried getting a 4 year old and a cat to stay still long enough for a photo?

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