19 May 2009

Where have we been?

It has been 3 months since we last updated Bruggietales and many have wondered where we have gone. We have not gone anywhere and in fact are pretty much rooted to home base as we run our little Village Store.
While I get to apply all my business experience and advice to a real business - putting my money where my mouth is - the children are also getting a practical real life training in business, customer relations, systems and a myriad other essential life skills.
We live in a small village in country Australia and the shop we have just purchased is the only shop in town. The nearest shops are smaller ones about 15 minutes away in either direction, or larger ones 35 to 45 minutes away. So our shop is basically an "everything" shop. We are a licensed Post Office and newsagent, we have DVD movie rentals, lollies, chips, ice cream, stationery, greeting cards, groceries, milk and so on. Our coffee is top quality with all our staff Barista trained. Hot food and cafe service is also provided.
The whole family is involved in different aspects, with me directing operations, Ariel managing during the week, Eric assisting with Mail and stock, James sorting mail and making home deliveries, Peter helping wait tables in the Cafe on weekends and Lana makes muffins and biscuits (cookies) as well as going to the bank and some local suppliers. The younger three will get involved when they get older.
Here you can see Lana in the new car for the shop. Rather than drive to the local suppliers and bank in the 12 seater family bus which is a bit large for the task at hand, this little bug does the job much better. With magnets on the doors advertising the shop and the great lilac purple paintwork and fancy conversion Lana gets plenty of attention which suits our marketing plan very well. And Lana is able to drive the car she has always wanted to drive since she was 16!
I'll try to post more.


Henry Cate said...

Glad to hear things are OK.

Sounds like your shop is a fun, exciting adventure.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like an adventure, but I know from experience that shops are darned hard work, and that is the reality. I hope that you enjoy it, though. It's a good way of life.

I worked in my parents' shop for five years.

Anonymous said...

oh good luck bruggies! :D

i had indeed been missing your posts.

- Gem

Zach said...

it is good to see something on here again, glad y'all are doing well!

- Zach

Paula D said...

I have missed yours post and keeping up with the family! But I understand. I still work for my family's business after 25 years and I started when I was 8. At the time I did not appreciate all I was learning, but I appreciate it now and desire to pass that onto my children. Best wishes and Good luck from Alabama, USA.

patternnuts said...

I just love the purple Bug! And congratulations on implementing such a fantastic endeavor!