21 May 2009

Rain is fun, puddles are funner

Today I was able to get a part day off so I could spend some time with my parents who were visiting. They visit twice a year even though they live about 800 km (500 miles) away. The first day is always very tiring for them as the children rush to get in all their "Look at this Grandma" and "Grandpa, see this". By day 2 everyone is able to have a more enjoyable, relaxing visit with the older children playing games with Grandpa and Grandma being shown whatever is vital that she must see. 
My Mum is actually known as "Just Grandma". When Ariel was about 3 years old we were calling Lana's Mum Grandma A and mine Grandma B. Ariel was saying "Grandma B this" and "Grandma B that". My Mum helpfully suggested, "No, just Grandma is fine". So it has been Just Grandma ever since. Even the birthday cards are signed "Just Grandma and Grandpa"
Today it was raining which is great. Not flooding like it is up North, just good soaking rains that fill the water tanks and get deep into the soil. When it rained a bit harder, Martin pointed and grunted so I went outside with him. He was happy to just look, but I rolled up his sleeve and showed him how to "catch" the rain drops coming off the edges of the awning. That was fun. Then he noticed the puddle and that was even "funner" [as the little ones like to say].
There are time when being home doing "not much" are some of the best times.

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