23 May 2009

I think I'll have coffee

Yesterday was my day of shopping for the shop.  This meant Eric and I leaving home at 5:30am and travelling 2 hours to the wholesaler in Sydney.  We have been listening to a number of audiobooks together which makes the time rather enjoyable.
After the wholesaler we stop in at the Serendipity ice cream warehouse and purchase very yummy gourmet ice cream for the shop.  This time they packaged all the ice creams in a foam box with dry ice so they would survive the drive back home.  This worked very well and there was quite a bit of dry ice when we unpacked the ice creams back at the shop.
Then I had the difficult task of keeping Eric and Ariel focussed on unpacking the groceries when all they wanted to do was play with the dry ice.  This photo is of Ariel offering a new drink.  I think customers will prefer coffee.
It has been an interesting time building up the grocery section.  I had some basics with which to begin and then whenever a customer asked if I had a certain product, my answer would be, "No, but I'll be getting it next week." And I did get it in next week.  This has certainly built up customer loyalty, and helped to build up a comprehensive selection tailored for the village.

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Anonymous said...

David, I love reading about your new business. It's cool to see God blessing you and Lana. Your cup runneth over!