27 May 2009

I told you NOT to play in the rain

It's raining again - which is always a joyous event in a place dependent on rainwater for all our water needs.
It is also joyous for little boys who love puddles and dirt and mud.  Martin just came into my home office grunting in his communicative way and showing his hands covered in wet dirt.
Eric looked at him and said, "I told you NOT to play in the rain."
Lana and I both looked at Eric and started laughing. "As if THAT would work!"
So Eric cheerfully cleaned up Martin's little face and hands and Martin rushed in to us showing his lovely clean hands before rushing back outside.
I'm sure he'll return shortly, equally amazed that his hands somehow became dirty once again.

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karisma said...

My my how he has grown so fast! Adorable!