24 May 2009

Like a kid in a lolly shop

There is a saying to describe a situation where someone is in a very desirous position: "Like a kid in a lolly shop."
We provide a traditional service of bulk lollies served individually.  Customers can select a bag of lollies by choosing exactly which lolly and how many they want.  It is great seeing the children squat down and look at all the containers arrayed under the counter behind the glass, deciding which ones would be just right.
"I'll have 2 Cobbers, 3 Bananas, 4 Milk Bottles, and ... how much is that so far?" 
"70 cents," I reply, looking at the change in the child's hand, "You have 30 cents left."
"Hmm, OK, I'll have 3 Teeth."
For those in more of a hurry we have pre packaged bags of lollies valued at $1 and $2. 
In this photo Peter is responsible for filling the lolly bags.  He works at the shop for a few hours on the weekend.  His duties involve serving at tables, cleaning up and providing general assistance as required.  
"If I drop one, can I have it?" asked Peter.  We use tongs to select the lollies to ensure adequate health and safety and occasionally a lolly slip through.  "So long as you don't drop too many," we advise, knowing that this can provide the wrong set of incentives.


Anonymous said...

We used to offer this service, too, in the shop, and the children's eyes would light up when they were making the decision as to what to buy.

Jeanne said...

Ooh, I used to love visiting the local lolly shop at lunch time at school. Mum would give is 20c. When you could buy 2-4 lollies for 1c, 20c went a long way!!

Cobbers, freckles and bananas were my favourites, along with a little sugar coated cough lolly thing which I think I liked because you got 6 of ten for 1c and that made them the best of all!! What memories you've raised.

Congratulations on being Aussiehomeschool's featured blogger. I for one am glad to have discovered you!!