5 October 2008

Another Homeschool Reason - No Fundraising

Last weekend we attended a fundraising for a local public primary (elementary) school. They were desperately trying to raise the funds to keep the school open. I don't know how raising funds would help determine the ability to remain open for a public school, but I stopped by the Parents and Friends stall and asked how many students were attending the school.
"Three." The lady answered
"Three?" I asked in surprise.
"But there will be more next year."
This sounds a bit hopeful. With a dwindling child population, how can the State (which funds schools in Australia) legitimately maintain the school for three children. Our homeschool is double the number of students and we have NO assistance from the government.
So why do so many parents have to bring chocolates, lollies and other stuff to sell at their workplaces to raise funds for their school? If I asked people to give me some money to build a playground in my back yard, they would laugh. If I asked them to buy something to help in fund raising for recreation facilities for my children's school, they would find this more acceptable. Yet there is no difference.  Here is a photo of the school playground.
When people ask me about homeschooling, one of the benefits I list is "No fundraising". I always get the response how this IS a definite benefit.

(The photo is of Clare dutifully pointing out the termite mound on the school grounds. Isn't it huge!) She was eyeing the great school playground, and once I had taken the photo she joined the rest of our children to play on the equipment. We felt good knowing that double the normal school population was able to use the equipment.)


Anonymous said...

thats insane! a school for three kids?
is it because they live in a rural area that they are unable to attend a bigger primary school?
i too think keeping such a school open is a waste. The School of the Air would be a better option.

DavidofOz said...

There are 4 other children that could have gone to this school but went to the nearby school 5 minutes drive away. That school has about 25 students.
The students at this school could have gone there but one mum insisted that her children would go to this school as their family had gone there when they were kids.
It is insane.

Alison Kerr said...

Well, this sounds just crazy when there is another school so close. I'm really surprised that the government haven't just closed the school, unless they are truly expecting enrollment to go back up enough that they will need the two schools.