18 October 2008

Press Play: The Shop

The playground has begun to grow again after a Winter hiatus. The girl's shop has 4 walls, floor and roof. Although it still has a few more refinements remaining, it is enough for the girls to start playing shops.
We asked Clare what she would name her shop. She thought long and hard before arriving at her answer: "The Shop"
So "The Shop" it is. We will put up a sign with "Est. 2008" declaring it so. Here is Rose peeking over the counter awaiting customers.
The instruction to the fellow helping us make the playground was to "think generational". This playground has to survive not only our children, but also their children too. After all, we have to cater for double a small school population - 7 children!
To test out the new shop, I asked Rose to sell me something. I asked, "What does the shop sell?" "Anything!" she replied and ran off towards the house. While I was waiting Peter offered to sell me a gun, ammunition and some body armour. This should prove to be an interesting range of merchandise. A Mini Walmart indeed!
Rose finally returned with a collection of pretend fruit and boxes which she carefully placed around the wall supports which served as temporary shelving. When all was ready, she looked at me and announced, "Now press play." That is a modern way for little children to say "Let's begin".
Here she is selling me a very fine red tomato. Such a fine smile with which to serve her large clientele.

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Friar Suppliers said...

What a lovely shop dear Rose. Let me know when you open up for business online! :)