19 October 2008

Martin is Back

Martin is free! His leg cast came off 10 days ago and he is really having fun running around everywhere!
When Lana entered the surgery, Martin realised where he was and began crying. He had been here before and was pointing to his escape path straight out those front doors. The X Ray showed great healing and leg bones fully restored. Once the cast was off and Lana exited the building he was on the ground and running.
Thankfully that little adventure is over and Martin is back on track, relocating to his heart's content.


lambofHisflock said...

Congrats to Martin! And you. Enjoy your new and mobile adventures.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i wanted to let you know I love your blog. I grew up just south of Atlanta and now live in New Zealand so i love reading the 'translations' and your experiences with mixups in GA! So funny to read because I understand both cultures (or at least the part of Aus culture that you share with nz :)