8 October 2008

4H Carnival Of Homeschooling

The Carnival Of Homeschooling is up at Corn and Oil, celebrating the National 4H week.

We experienced 4H when we lived in Georgia, when Ariel and Eric joined in the BB gun competitions.  They didn't get through the try-outs but did pretty well for beginners.  (See how young Eric looks in the second link!)

Personal Highlights of the carnival:
Video killed the Book - we have found that movies rarely do justice to the book.  Many times we eagerly read the book and at other times we avoided the film supposedly "based" on books we really enjoy.  (For example, Around the World in 80 days is a great book that none of the movies have really captured.)

Why I don't like calling it "Home School" - We call our education home schooling for two reasons.  It is the commonly understood word that everyone has heard.  The second reason is that we redefine "school" to be more than just 9 to 3, plus homework, plus travel plus fundraising plus extra curricular activities.  For us it is the whole education experience from reading, writing and arithmetic, plus listening to stories, playing around, games, building things, dressing up, visiting shops, people, church, events and buildings.  For us "school" is a holistic education.

And, of course, there is our post: Another Homeschool Reason: No Fundraising.

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