25 June 2008

What Lana's been up to - Biscornu

A "Biscornu" is what is pictured here.  The word is a French adjective which is now a noun in English to describe for an odd shaped pin cushion. 
The Green one was done as an experiment, then Lana made the red one on 25 count material "two over two" (two strands of thread over two material threads) and the little blue one is one over one on the same material. 
You can see that one over one is 1/4 the size of the two over two. Clare's and Rose's fingers provide some scale.
Lana has always wanted to do this to show the size comparison, and finally found the right pattern.
The pattern can be found at Aurelle blog (It's in French but you should find your way around easy enough). The samples shown here are based on the "Biscornu No 8." pattern.


patternnuts said...

Oh very nice to show the scale of each too. Thanks!

Nicely done Lana! I haven't had the courage or the time to get a biscornu done, yet.

Friar Suppliers said...

Just lovely Lana!