29 June 2008

The 11th Reason

We have written before about the eleventh reason to have another child: Because they are funny. Martin has been the cause of our amusement yesterday.
We went to vigil Mass (Mass at 6:00pm on Saturday) which is normally a bit of a challenge as the children are more fidgety in the evenings. This time Martin was very impressed with the sign of peace which is shaking the hand of a neighbouring person in the congregation and saying "Peace be with you". Not long after this we have the Consecration and then we process to receive communion.
The local parish church is quite small so all those going to communion must be in single file. And Martin offered his hand to every one to either shake their hand or give him a high five! He found it very entertaining!
When Eric tried to quiten Martin down, he told him "Shhhh."
So Martin responded by loudly going "Ssssssss!", defeating the purpose.
The other thing he has decided to do is to look at one of us and put his hands on his head. We then copy. He then dances up and down on one spot with various assorted grunts and enthusiastic squeals.
We then copy that too. Then he stops, grins and laughs and it all begins again. The first photo is part of his dance with one hand on his head.
The second photo here is him saying "Ha Ha Ha" to us, very proud of his efforts.
It is amazing how much Martin can communicate through the one sound with varying inflections.
I can't even write down the word he uses. Normally this would be represented in a novel by the characters saying "?"  This one "?" sound can mean hello, I don't understand, good morning and so on.


Sue B. said...

What a cutie!

karisma said...

Yeah, I guess we are very naughty! After the fifth child we decided no more! And we were bad and did something about it! Now, I look at little Clare, Rose and Martin and think. Maybe one more????? I know, its so hard when they are all demanding and stuff, but gee they are so cute.