27 June 2008

What else have we been doing - Finishing

It has been some time since we displayed any of the cratfy things Lana has done. In fact, we haven't shown anything cross stitch on the blog for about 18 months! After popular request, we thought that we might catch up.
Ariel completed the first pattern: "Mother's Bliss" from Mirabilia Designs. It was Ariel's first large design and she did a very good job. All these designs aren't very hard or complicated - they are just large and you need to spend a lot of time to finish them.
These were all framed last September and between Mum, Ariel and Lana we had 13 pictures framed. The framer we use is in Port Macquarie, about 8 hours drive away. When we plan a trip up North, we work out which patterns to frame, carefully pack them in a mailing tube and send them off. Then on the return journey we pop in the shop and collect them all.
We suggested to Ariel that if she finished her Lady before we posted them we would pay for it with the rest.

Lana stitched the other two BM (Before Martin).
The first one on blue is "Stargazer" by Mirabilia pattern #88. She is stitched on 32ct "Bell Bottom Blue"from Stitches and Spice an Australian online hand dyed shop. I think this material is much better than the orange used for the official picture on the Mirabilia Site.
There are a lot of beads on the design. I was on the lounge the other night looking up at the picture and making a number of "interesting" comments regarding the sheer amount of beads! It looks as if she has been shot by a stream of bubbles and is clutching her chest in pain. Lana didn't agree with me. I could tell this as she just gave me THAT condescending look.

The last is "Angel of Hope" from Lavender and Lace Designs, stitched on the purple material "Jacaranda Haze" also from Stitches and Spice. Lana used beads instead of the gold thread petite on the dress and the larger ones around her.

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patternnuts said...

Beautiful work Lana and Ariel! It's so nice to see your stitching.
The framer did a lovely job as well. :)