28 June 2008

Country Computer Repairs

One of our older Windows PCs broke down again recently. The local place we normally use to get PCs fixed is no longer in business, so Lana asked at the local butcher if they knew what was happening.
Well, one of the fellows that was assisting happens to run a computer repair business on the side and was able to help. So Lana dropped in the computer yesterday - at the butcher shop!
The owner of the shop expressed surprise when Lana opened the door and Eric walked in carrying the PC case. Then one of the butchers called out to the fellow, "The computer is here!"
"Oh, Good," he said coming in from the back of the store.
So there you go. When you're in the country, and petrol prices are running at around $1.80 per litre ($7.35US per gallon) you do all sorts of things to cut the driving and fuel costs. Like dropping of your computer at the Butcher shop for the computer man to pick up. Obvious really.

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