8 June 2008

Danger! Danger! Hair in Range.

Martin has found a new way to get his sisters' attention.  He comes up behind them, grabs their hair and pulls.
Today Martin came up behind Clare while she was sucking a lollypop. He grabbed her hair firmly in both his hands and she went over onto her back, Martin grabbed the lollipop stick and took it for himself. All in a quick one-two move.
Naturally, he did not win the lollypop and was sorted out, but it has made reading on the floor a risky proposition.
(Imagine a scene 20 or so years in the future, with Lana and I laughing at our grandson's activities and telling Martin, "Look at what you did to Aunty Clare when you were a baby. It's still on Bruggietales.  Don't complain about your boys doing the same!"  
"Awww Dad, not Bruggietales again.  The children are always using that against me.")
This photo is a re-enactment and we will now put a stop to this method. But this photo is a good record for posterity.

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