30 June 2008

Different Strokes

Our seven children have the same Mum and Dad, yet they are all very different.
On Saturday I returned from shopping and all the children rushed out to see what I had bought. Clare quickly picked out a pack of 100's and 1000's. These are coloured sugar sprinkles which when spread on buttered bread make "Fairy Bread".
"Yes!" Clare cried out, "This is JUST what we need!"
Meanwhile Rose had discovered the corn. "Corn!" she cried, rushing inside with the pack to show Lana, "Yummy!"
This is a picture of her with TWO cobs of corn and no chips as she prefers the corn - as we have shown before.
Ariel and Eric accompanied me shopping and were able to "influence" my purchasing decisions. This time we bought quite a lot of chocolate and lollies to share with the American pilgrims that will be staying with us in 10 days time preparing for World Youth Day. So Ariel got her preference of sweet things.
James and Peter were happy I bought fruit.
And Lana was really happy she didn't go shopping! So wins all round.


patternnuts said...

I will have to tell my daughter about Fairy Bread. Especially now that I know what type of sprinkles to use!
I tootled to get a closer pic of what they looked like, and boy they are inexpensive! I think I can get those in a smaller package here at the grocery store, but it may be under a different name. :)

Thank you for the idea.

jodi said...

You two are such great parents.
It is interesting to watch children isn't it. To see their likes and dislikes and what their interests are and what they turn out to be.

I love the work that Lana and Ariel have done. The beading is beautiful. The comments that you made about that make me laugh as I live in a house of men and that is so what they say :-).
The pincushions are cute and so tiny. The stitching patterns on the red and blue are so pretty.

karisma said...

Rose is such a sweetheart! Now she knows what is good and sweet! Chocolate is very naughty! She should SO always be first! when it comes to the picture taking! Mind you aunty Karisma would be sneaking a bit of that chocolate (don't tell). Corn is good for you! Yes it is! Good girl Rose!

Eleanor - Sofa said...

Interesting info! I enjoy reading these types of posts.