27 May 2008

It's so tough being 3

Rose was upset with me.  I went outside to take photos of the girls and Clare was first.
"But I wanted to be first!" cried Rose and she ran and hid.
So I took her photo anyway.

I think Rose has forgiven me as I asked her if I could put this photo on the blog.  She smiled at me and said "Yes."

Quick to cry and quick to laugh.  The trials and joys of being 3 years old all in the short time of 5 minutes.


jodi said...

Three is such a hard age. All of the wanting to be big, desiring to be good and the emotions and other wants that get in the way sometimes.

RobKPhD said...

I love this shot, and the one at the top of your site!

karisma said...

Oh Rose you are so precious! You look beautiful even when you are sad!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

She is so very sweet!