1 May 2008

Are you sure the Jedi are the good guys?

I saw this very well created video:

Let's hear it for the Eeeee woks! (Hat Tip: CoreEcon)
This reminded me of the theory I have discussed with my boys who are attracted to Star Wars - light sabers, fights, adventure, pirates, spaceships and all that kind of thing.  (Well, maybe not pirates, although Han Solo comes close)
I am not convinced that the Jedi are actually the good guys.  After all, they aren't fighting for good - they are willing to kill, control minds, take apprentices whilst leaving the mothers in slavery, and only fight for balance.  That's right - they don't mind evil, so long as it is evenly matched with good.  So the prophecy that Anakin would bring balance was a pretty good one.  No good and no bad means all is in balance.  A perfect Jedi result.
The rebellion is just another power group trying to take power.  Every world they take over becomes a den of violence and anarchy.  The Ewoks were cohabiting peacefully with an Empire outpost.  Then along come these rebellion people, pretending to be gods and saviours, getting them killed for some power play that ultimately gave the Ewoks no real benefit.  Before the battle of Endor they lived in peace.  After lots of deaths they supposedly lived in peace again.  So what was the fighting for again?
This doesn't mean Darth Vader or the Emperor are good guys either.  It's a bit like the Eastern front of World War II. You couldn't really support either the Russians or the Germans as both were totalitarian evil empires ruthlessly killing their own and other people using bullets, tanks, secret police, concentration camps and gulags.
One last thing.  We consider Duct Tape to be like the Force.  It has a light side and a dark side and it binds the universe together.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick one
Happy Star Wars Day for this Sunday.

May the Fourth be with you :))


Misslisslee said...

Hahahahaha -- they even got Billy Dee Williams for that one! Thanks for the laugh today - I loved it!