24 May 2008

Catholic Parodies

Some time ago I was able to download a couple of Nick Alexander's songs, "Should I Stand or Should I Kneel?", "I got you saved" and "Evangelize".  We have been enjoying these parodies of their popular counterparts ("Should I Stay or Should I Go",  "I Got You Babe" and "I Will Survive") and although Nick doesn't have the finest singing voice, the lyrics are great and we have no fear singing along in our less-than-excellent singing voices ourselves.
These songs are all Catholic parodies and very humourous.  Should I Stand or Should I Kneel covers the confusion newcomers feel trying to work out when to stand, sit or kneel at Mass. Ariel's comment was how rude the singer's friend was to invite him to Mass and then sleep in, leaving the singer to work out what to do himself.  Very funny.
We purchased the albums from iTunes, but there are other alternatives on Nick's website.

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