11 May 2008

Relocated - This week's discoveries

This is the first in what will probably be a series detailing the ongoing adventures of "The Relocator".
One Boot on, my son Martin
We found these really warm woollen boots when we lived in the US and knew they would be just right for a baby about one year old. Martin finally was old enough to wear them and he enjoyed them when he wore them the first time. He wandered around outside and the next time we saw him he only had one boot. In a futile gesture, we asked Martin, "Where is the other boot?" Naturally he only grinned and turned on his Cuteness Generator TM. A search of the back yard revealed nothing.
Lana's Dad was cleaning an area of the yard this morning and noticed a shape in the water tank overflow. Sure enough, there was the boot.
He showed it to us and asked, "Are you looking for this?"
We looked at each other and said, "The Relocator!" It's now drying out on the back deck.
Go Fish with cards
Clare has a pack of Princess Uno cards. These were very cheap and we soon realised why. They were made in China by Mattell. Note the mis-spelling. They couldn't even create a ripoff with the correct spelling of the company they were ripping off. Clare and Rose play the game on the floor and every now and then Martin will run through the middle of the game, occasionally collecting a card or two on or about his person.
When Ariel visited the toilet, she looked into the bowl upon entry and saw these three cards sitting at the bottom of the bowl. "Eeeewwww!" she said and rescued the cards. They were very clean!
She showed the cards to Clare and asked, "Missing these?"
We looked at each other and said, "The Relocator!"
When the chips are down
Last weekend I returned from a couple of days away with work. I bought some corn chips for the family and had them in my overnight bag. Before I had completed a hug and catch up of the news from the family, Martin had opened the overnight bag, picked up a chip pack and wandered quietly out of my office/study.
Eric caught him examining the chip pack in the hallway. Martin knows food is in that packet and he wanted to get at the chips somehow. He is obviously very pleased with himself. Sadly for him he couldn't work out how to open it so we were safe.
A short time afterward we called him over. He got up and fell over backwards and sat on the chip pack. POP! The pack opened and crushed chips flew out. He looked around in temporary shock, smiled a bigger smile as he saw the result of chips all around him in easy reach and quickly helped "clean up " the chips on the floor.

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Friar Suppliers said...

He is so funny and cute. I love "Martin the Re-locater" and Defcon stories. Keep them coming.