19 May 2008

Defcon 6 - The Escape Artist

Martin has reached another milestone.  
We have gates on the back balcony to allow Martin to wander outside, yet not out in the yard.  Today Lana was chatting with her Mum when they noticed Martin pushing his little tricycle to the gate, standing on the seat and opening the gate latch.  He then swung the gate to and fro in great enjoyment.
Now we have to work out another way of securing the gates.
This photo is a re-enactment for our faithful readers.  Martin was quite happy to show off his new skill again.  It is hard to remember sometimes that he is only 13 months old.

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jodi said...

Your wife has my sympathy as I remember those days. I had to lock deadbolts and carry my keys around with me. Martin is a cutie.