25 December 2007

You Have to Share!

This morning we had the added fun of sharing Christmas morning with my brother and his family. The presents for his children and ours looked quite a sight and each child's excitement increased the excitement of each of the other children. But being meanie parents we still made them have some breakfast first!
Once all breakfasts were completed (quicker than normal) we sat down and started passing out the presents one at a time so all could share in the fun of opening gifts.
Our nephew, C - 4, received a lolly (candy) filled stocking and announced, "Lollies!". A split second later his sister, L - 3, cried out, "You have to share!" She has learned quickly how one gets lollies!
This photo shows L guarding the big present which she had been told by one of her brothers had her name on it. When my brother announced that some smaller present had her name on it she declared, "No. I want the big one." This is her guarding the big one, waiting for her moment.
The older nephew, X - 6, received exactly the present he wanted and with a very excited, high voice ran around saying, "A microphone! This is just what I wanted! Santa is soooo clever."

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