25 December 2007

An unplanned restful day

We had planned lots of things with our cousins. But one thing we didn't plan on - a stomach bug. Eric and Ariel were struck down with a sore stomach which meant we stayed home yesterday - and even missed Christmas vigil Mass.
This meant also cancelling a planned fancy dinner with my parents and a very quiet day yesterday. This photo (click for more details) shows how Lana enjoyed the day.
Luckily it seems to be a 24 hour thing so we were able to get to Mass today and visit my parents. But fancy meals were a problem. We hadn't planned on needing anything and today all the shops are closed. So instead of a fancy three course Christmas meal, we had sausages on bread with my parents.
My sister's husband came down with the same thing so while he is resting we are getting together with my sister and her remaining unsick members and having a scratch meal. It's all good Christmas fun either way.

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patternnuts said...

The changes in plans can make some of the best memories!
Merry Christmas to your family from waaaay over here in Maine! :)