24 December 2007

Christmas in Melbourne

Our first stop was at the Myer main store in Melbourne for their traditional Christmas window display. The windows have been put on since 1956 and are always an impressive display of puppetry. Occasionally they even have a loose Christmas theme! This year was a tribute to the Environmentalist faith about a pristine wilderness, discovered by a fellow who decides to live there with his family. Then tourists come and then a town and the wilderness goes away. Then the people leave the city because there aren't any wild things there and then the town crumbles until "balance" is once more restored. Merry Christmas!
We then joined in Mass at St Francis, the oldest church in Victoria.
On our way to the tram stop for our next visit, we passed very long queues waiting to visit the same display we had already seen. Lucky we came early!
The children reckon the tram ride was the most fun. The driver must have only had stop and go buttons - each time the tram started everyone was jolted backwards, and then forwards when we stopped. Our children were laughing and enjoying themselves thoroughly. Who wants an amusement ride when you can catch a tram instead!
This last photo is of James looking out the train window on our return train ride. All the children were pretty tired after a full day.

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