19 December 2007

Where's Legoman?

We are getting close to Christmas! The Pink candle has been lit in the Advent wreath, remembering "Rejoice Sunday", so the visual signs have begun. Both nativity sets are erected and Mary and Joseph are placed somewhere in the house to begin their journey to the stable. Each day I am to move them closer until they arrive on Christmas Eve. After we return from Christmas Mass one of the children place Baby Jesus in the crib.
The Christmas tree is also erected. Each day the children put on one decoration each which quickly builds up until you can hardly see any green. James and Eric have decided that they would play a "Where's Legoman" game by putting a Lego man somewhere in the tree which the other children have to find amongst the bright and colourful trimmings. This is the first one put up by James. He is attached by a string to one of the topmost branches, hiding behind an angel, surveying the lounge-room with his binoculars. (Click the picture for more detail.)

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Anonymous said...

My boys did this for years! In fact, I'm a bit disappointed that the youngest one, at least, didn't try it.

We also used to put up the ornaments day by day. I loved doing it that we but I was outvoted.