31 December 2007

Explaining Christmas to our children

The stomach bug which swept through our family on the day before Christmas meant we missed the Vigil Mass. So we spent some time together and went through why Christmas is such an important celebration and why it is the most important event in human history.
In a mix of narration and question & answer format we went through salvation history.
First God made a deal (covenant - a binding agreement between family members) with Adam on behalf of Adam and his wife - the first Couple. Then he tried with Noah - a family. Then Abraham - a tribe, and Moses - a people, and David - a kingdom. Each deal was with a larger group of people but each time the human side of the bargain fell through. It was very obvious that unaided Man could not keep his side of the bargain. But the covenant had to be between Man and God and Man had broken the original deal.
So Jesus - fully God and fully Man - stepped in and took on the human side of the deal on behalf of all men and paid the price that was necessary to be paid for us to share in the salvation promised by God.
(That is the summarised version without all of the interruptions and side-trackings questions and answers lead to.)
At the mention of Adam and Eve, Clare asked a question.
"Yes, Clare?"
"You know about Adam and Eve?"
"Yes ..."
"They were nudie pudie." [That is, they wore no clothes.]
Ah well, the discussion is always aimed at many levels depending on where the child is at.
(The photo is just a cute one of Martin's first Christmas)

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Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time catching up with you and Lana and the kids. I am so glad that we got a chance to talk to you both and cuddle baby M. I was sorry to hear that your Christmas didn't pan out as you had hoped. Not sure if I picked up a small dose of the bug, because my Christmas day was accompanied by nausea (though I still managed to eat the lunch) that tended to linger for the next few days.
Paul and Adriana