20 April 2007

Well, we're off!

It won't be long now and we'll be off to the hospital for Martin's birth.
This morning we went for a CTG. This is where Lana gets to lie down on the hospital bed and they place two monitors on her stomach. One higher up to measure any contractions and one lower down to hear the baby's heartbeat. All was OK and there were a few contractions.
These have grown stronger during the day - much more than last Friday.
They are stronger, longer duration and getting closer together. So in a short time we will be off to the hospital.
Next post will be the first one of Martin.
Thanks in advance for all your prayers.
(This is a photo I just took. See how Rose is in MY side of the bed to give Lana some comfort. We'll wake up Ariel and she'll sleep in our bed so Rose won't find herself alone when she wakes.)

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Sweetness and Light said...

Prayers for a superb labor and delivery and recovery!! Can't wait to see your next post...Blessings!