16 April 2007

The waiting begins

On Friday I awoke at 5:30am ready to depart for work. I had showered, eaten breakfast and gathered my bag when Lana softly said to me, "I don't think you should go to work today."
"Are you having contractions?" I asked.
"Yes, about every half hour and they're pretty regular."
"OK. I'm working from home today."
Now that was a promising start. Martin was due last Saturday, so a day early was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately by the end of the day Lana's body had calmed down and all the contractions had stopped. Bah.
We had already resigned ourselves to waiting about a week or two after the due date in line with all the past births and now this false start has mucked up our mental preparations.
Oh well. Back to waiting again.


Anonymous said...

But they are worth the wait aren't they :-) My oldest was 19 days late and it felt like years!!
Best of wishes with everything.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! that was a teaser indeed. I will keep my eyes open for updates and hope for Martin to come soon :)

Anonymous said...

Stopped by just hoping for some news. Praying for you guys!