23 April 2007

Final Preparations

The contractions may have slowed down when we left hospital but they hadn't stopped. Gradually over Saturday and Sunday morning they increased in frequency, strength and duration (a sign they were indeed doing something). During 11:00am Mass Lana had six relatively strong contractions evenly spread so we decided to spend a family day in town not far from the hospital.
We had an enjoyable day, eating a fine fare of pizza and chips and playing in the park. I receive one fine comment from a sales assistant at a computer shop at which we dropped in. Eric was with me and just asked if he could go and look at the computer games. I said yes and off he went.
The sales assistant then said to me, "Your kids are some of the best behaved kids. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You must have one of the largest families in town yet when your kids come in here we have less trouble than some families with one or two kids."
Now that was a very helpful unsolicited commentary.
Anyway the contractions were too strong for us to return home so we went to the hospital and arranged for Lana's parents to drive into town and pick up the children. It looked like Martin was really coming this time!

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