26 April 2007

Mummy's home tomorrow!

Lana is coming home tomorrow! Woohoo! Everyone here is excited.
This morning Lana decided she had enough of spending the day in her nightie so dressed in her clothes. The Obstetrician came into her room and pointed at her with a question on his lips.
"I had enough of being in my nightie."
"Good," he said, "You're getting better."
So tomorrow the stitches come out and we are once more re-united as a family.
The next month or two will be a matter of many hands making Lana's life easier. No lifting or stretching until the wounds heal which means Me, Ariel, Eric and Lana's Mum will be ensuring little (big) Martin is handed to Lana rather than Lana leaning down to pick him up.
As you can see by today's photo Lana is looking great and Martin is doing well, too!


Cathy said...

I love this picture! Everything is bigger in Texas... well, with the exception of newborns. They're obviously bigger in Australia. Congratulations, and enjoy that precious baby boy!
Cath and family in Texas

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful momma and baby! WE pray you have a quick recovery. I had a c section with my seventh baby. It is wonderful that you have so many eager hands to help! Hugs to you and your sweet babe!

Friar Suppliers said...

Goodness Lana, how do you manage to look so bright and pretty? I looked like I was dragged through a hedge backwards for about a month after my C-section. Maybe it's that handsome fella that has you looking so perky! He's a sweetheart. Give him a snuggle for me.