23 April 2007

A Bruggie Baby is Born

You can see from the photo a number of things.
1. Martin has arrived, and
2. It wasn't all according to plan.
When we arrived Lana had a "trace" which means attaching a number of devices to measure Martin's heartrate, Lana's blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level and also the intensity and duration of the contractions. Everything looked good and the cervix (the part where the baby comes out) was thinner. But there was still some time to go.
We decided to leave the hospital and watch a movie until things progressed along further. We didn't feel it would be wise to go home 40 minutes away when things had gone this far. I bought the tickets and then we went shopping for some water and snacks. Lana had to stop us at least once per aisle with a strong contraction.
"We're not watching a movie," I said and we left the store.
Lana then had me stop in the middle of the road with another contraction making cars go around us.
I returned to the cinema and handed back the tickets saying, "We can't make the film. We're having a baby instead."
"Oh!" said the girl behind the counter, "Wait a tick. I'll give you a refund."
"Good luck!" she called as I went back to the car.
The pregnancy proceeded fairly normally until the doctor checked and the cervix had expanded to 8 cm. It needed to be 10 cm for the baby to escape.
The doctor broke the waters and a huge flood came out.
"Crikey! You could have broken the drought yourself!" commented the nurse.
Normally we have twenty minutes from water breaking to birth, but for some reason Martin didn't seem to be in the right position. At each push the nurse watched carefully. Suddenly she said, "Lana. Stop! Don't push! Roll over onto you back!" and she reached past me and pressed the RED button.
Then everything happening very quickly. Footsteps were hurrying from all directions.
"I saw a hand," the nurse told the doctor. I also saw Martin's little hand poking out. He was not going to get out with his hand across his head so Lana had to have an emergency caesarian section.
Within the space of 15 minutes Lana was prepared, I had been stripped and re-dressed in blue theatre gowns and a dozen people including doctor, obstetrician, anesthetist and all the assistants were gathered in the theatre, cutting Lana open to rescue Martin.
"Crikey, he's big!" said one person as Martin was delivered and then cleaned up.
After the operation, the obstetrician said to Martin, "You're a lucky young man."
So, Martin has arrived.
Weight: 4,895 grams (10lb 12oz!)
Length: 56 cm (22 inches)
Head: 39.5cm (15.5 inches)
I waited with Martin in my arms until Lana had revived and returned back to her room. She had something attached to each leg and arm and oxygen to her nose. Then the nurse asked, "Can you roll on to your side?"
Shortly thereafter Martin finally got what he wanted and needed The elixir of life that only a mum can provide.
I left Lana and Martin attached and both content, to do my job and tell the world.


Anonymous said...


I am so glad that everyone is okay.

And what a head of hair!!

Anonymous said...

What a big and beautiful boy! Congratulations! I'll pray Lana has an easy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all! Im glad its all over for you. What a beautiful addition to such a lovely family! And what a big boy! I thought my 9.6 boy was big. Bravo! I hope he brings you much happiness and wish Lana a speedy recovery.

patternnuts said...

Oh Wonderful! Just wonderful! :)
He is beautiful!
*hugs from the U.S.*

Bretta said...

Congratulations!!! Much love to you all and hugs all around. We will pray for Lana's quick recovery.


Mary G said...

Oh, what a sensational story ... I've followed you guys since you moved back to Australia from the CM and now the 4real forum ... congrats, congrats, congrats.

And, boy that is a BIG BOY! Hope Lana's recovering well.....prayers and blessings to you all....

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Monica Bridget's My Mom. Do you remember me? I'd like to see you again someday.

You are so lucky I wish my Mom would have another baby if you have another one Mrs. B., your going to beat us.


P.s When are you coming back to America?