21 April 2007

There's a man in the bed!

While we were waiting for Lana's contractions to pick up speed we went for a short walk and stopped by our room. I figured it might be a good idea to get a little power nap so I lay down on Lana's bed. Lana preferred to either sit or walk.
I next awoke to a voice exclaiming, "There's a man on the bed!"
"Umm, Hello," I said, reaching for my glasses.
"You're not a woman in labour," she said, rather obviously.
"No, my wife is the one in labour."
"Do you know where she is?"
"She can't be far," and then Lana returned to save me from pretending to have a contraction or something to make the woman happy.
The lady was a doctor who had come in to attach the Canula to the back of Lana's hand. I'm still not sure she had recovered from the surprise by the time she departed the room.

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love2learnmom said...

That is hilarious! Prayers for a safe deliery for Lana.