23 April 2007

Does this like a newborn foot to you?

Today Martin and Lana are both looking much better after last night's exciting events. The photo accompanying this morning's announcements was just after Martin arrived and he looked quite puffy from his exertions.
This first photo gives you a better look at Martin, cleaned up and pondering that most important question, "What do I want now? Food or sleep?"
His answer is the default: Food! Somehow I suspect he won't lose much weight by the time Lana and he return home.
Lana has less monitors attached to her various limbs but still is bed bound. My job today was to stay with her and provide company and requested drinks of water.
When Lana was in the recovery room awaking from the general anesthetic the attendants were talking to her.
Lana remembers one of them saying, "You sure have a big baby. You should see his feet!"
Here is a photo of Martin's feet. Not the ordinary foot size for a newborn are they?


patternnuts said...

You'll have to let me know how the onezies fit him! May have to go up a size faster than I had thought! :)
He is beautiful! Just precious.
Prayers of thanks and a quick recovery for Lana....

Anonymous said...

Glad he's a boy. LOL

Congratulations, btw. I'm so glad everything turned out well after the unexpected twist of events.

Tell Lana to take care and she is in our prayers for an uneventful recovery.