6 January 2007

More about Sister M.I.Hummel

Lana is currently creating a "Memory Book" of her Cross stitch work. Each page has a photo or two of the finished work and a small story of when she started and finished the work and any relevant stories associated with the work.
Back in September 2005 we reported on the Hummel Apple Tree Children. The above picture is of them framed. As part of her Memory book Lana did some more research on the artist, M..I. Hummel and discovered a fascinating tale.
You can read much more details at www.mihummel.com, but here is a summary.
Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel was born in the small village of Massing, Germany in 1909. She studied art in Munich and after graduating she joined the Franciscan Order deep in the German countryside. M.I. Hummel taught art at a local school and continued to pursue her own artwork. Her artwork was published in books and as art cards. These made their way to Munich. A figurine company wanted to create figurines from her drawings and an agreement was made in 1935. The figurines became very popular especially with the American G.I.’s as souvenirs after World War II. Sister Hummel contracted tuberculosis and died November 1946, at the age of 37.

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Anonymous said...

This is extremely interesting. I'm familiar with the Hummel name - had an aunt who collected them, but had no idea the creator was a Catholic sister. Really neat! This would be a good subjest for the artist study on 4 Real.