17 January 2007

How Australian are you?

Sam Kekovich is the spokesman for the Australia Day Party. This isn't a political party. It is a promotional tool for the Australian lamb industry and is very funny.
The home page features a video of Sam explaining why it is so important to vote for a real Australia Day party which MUST include lamb on the barbie.
There is also a quiz to determine your level of "Australian-ness". I only scored 5 out of 10 on my first go, which resulted in a video of Sam castigating such a pathetic result. Ah well. Some more research is needed.


Nissa said...

Oh dear... I'm an absolute disgrace - a mung-bean munching member of the barmy army. I thought 6 for 10 was excellent for a gal born and raised in the States... I suppose I'd better tuck into some more lamb before considering immigration!

That was fun!


Anonymous said...

I scored 5 out of 10 also and I've been in Colorado for the last 46 years, lol. Unfortunately I don't know which ones I missed.