29 January 2007

20 years on

20 years ago I travelled about 8 hours North from Melbourne and attended the Canberra Wargames convention "Cancon" to promote a game I had written and published. Lana attended the convention accompanying her sister and brother-in-law hoping to perhaps see some of Canberra and have a bit of a holiday.
I was approaching all and sundry - wearing a white suit, hat, gloves and brandishing a cane - enticing many to join in our game. Lana couldn't help but succumb to my charms (or just felt pity on me) and joined in a game or two. The rest is history.
This weekend I visited the convention again, this time with the three boys and one of their friends. In this photo they are participating in a demonstration game, controlling groups of Bedouin tribesmen intent on stopping the French Foreign legion's relief of their fort.

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Bretta said...

Looks like fun! Now if we just had a picture of those attendees at that fateful conference from 20 years ago...that would be a treat ;)