14 January 2007

Meeting the bishop

Today we celebrated the Feast of St Paul the First Hermit. The Bishop of Wollongong was the main celebrant.
Clare likes to have a copy of the "Calendar of Events" in her hand during Mass which has a photo of the statue of Pope John Paul II on the front page. When Bishop Ingham put on his Mitre (the special Bishop's hat) during Mass Clare's eyes widened and she quickly looked at the photo, then at Bishop Ingham and back to the photo.
"It's him!" she whispered to me.
"No, that's Bishop Ingham. The photo is of John Paul II." I explained.
Clare frowned at me, ""No. It's him. Look!" and she showed me the photo again.
After Mass we met the Bishop and related Clare's comments. He smiled broadly and said, "No. That's the Pope. He is a Bishop in charge of the whole world. I only have the Diocese of Wollongong."
Clare smiled sweetly and the Bishop gave her a special blessing.

On an unrelated note, when Clare and I were standing together in the kitchen, Clare said, "I need to learn to say Jofus properly."
"That would be a good idea," I replied
"But I can kill ants well," she said as she squashed a really little ant.
"Say Jose" I said.
"Jose" she replied.
"Eff" I instructed.
"Eff" she replied.
"Jose-Eff!" I said
"Jufus" she replied.

(Here are Clare and Rose checking that their new dresses they received for Christmas work properly. One checks dresses by spinning.)

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, sooo cute! And they're beautiful!!! The dresses too. Well of course, you have to spin. It's the only way to check dresses!