29 January 2007

Jumping in the river

It's good being able to enjoy the long Summer days. At least it would be if I was home more often!
Last week I was lucky enough to finish early at a client and arrived home about 4:00pm. This meant we were able to visit the local river with friends and take a dip.
The interesting thing about this river is that it looks little bigger than a creek. Yet appearances are deceiving. Locals tell me that they don't know anyone who has actually touched the bottom! There was broad rock ledge on the river bank on which the smaller children dabbled with a couple of the older - more responsible - children and then there was a long drop underwater.
At various points along the river are rope swings that have been set up by locals over the years. Eric is showing us one way you can do this. Run, swing, let go, hold your nose and "Kersplash!"

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