31 July 2004

We have survived our first year!

On 8 July we remembered our first anniversary of the family’s arrival in the USA. This photo was taken just after we landed in Atlanta, surrounded by suitcases, tired after a long time travelling, and still with about 3 hours to go before we finally stopped and landed in some beds.

In the last 12 months we have discovered new foods, made new friends, become involved in the local community through Church, soccer, 4H BB guns, homeschooling group and the local fairs and concerts.
We have a US drivers license, US bank accounts and even – after threats of canceling accounts – a US credit card.
We have an American baby.
But we still have Australian accents.

We enjoy comparing Australia and the US; it is a great thing to discover similarities and differences. We discover new things and so do our friends. Anyone coming to our parties discovers how we have a party and try the Australian foods we serve. They bring their own specialties and we all take turns expressing our likes and dislikes.

Our ongoing impression?

Australia and the USA are both great countries – separated by a common language – and it is a great privilege to experience living here and the great friendship of all the locals we have met.
Prefer living here or Australia? It doesn’t matter – home is where the family is.

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