31 July 2004

Vacation Bible School

Every summer all the Churches around here have what is called “Vacation Bible School” (VBS). Children get to attend the Church for about 3 to 4 hours each day or night for 5 days and focus on a theme. David attended one at the Floyd’s church with Ariel and Eric, which had the theme of “Mission and Japan”, and all the children attended the one at our Church, which had the theme “Constructing God’s Church”.
It is a great way for the children to learn bits of the faith and have a fun time with songs, crafts, activities, games, snacks, stories and bible reading. There is a good business with different organizations publishing various VBS packs which include the director’s guidelines, materials for each of the activities, promotional items, even DVDs and music!
As there are so many churches around here all having VBS’s each Church doesn’t really want to have the same one as another church, so there is plenty of variety. Some children go along to lots of VBS’s throughout the summer.
Each group that organizes the VBS for their Church does a lot of work coordinating the people, children, parents, decorations, planning and so on. It takes an immense effort and it is all done free of charge for those attending in an effort to bring the faith to the children. We all enjoyed them both.

Clare, MaryBeth and Peter enjoying a snack at VBS.

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