31 July 2004

Lana’s Mum and Dad are here.

Lana’s parents, Rudy and Dorothy, arrived on 17 May and have been a great help and comfort over the last couple of months. It was a lot easier going to the hospital knowing we could just leave the children with them at home, and when Rose was ready, they could come to the hospital without David going home first. Also, Lana and her mum are having fun sharing cross-stitch patterns, quilting together and experimenting with different local recipes and ingredients.

Whilst they are here, Rudy and Dorothy took the back seats out of one of our smaller vehicles and put in an inflatable mattress and traveling/camping supplies. Then off they went exploring. They have traveled along the Blue Ridge Parkway as far north as Virginia, some camping with David Floyd’s parents at Coopers Creek, and a trip to Tennessee and Alabama (cut short by the heat). Dad reckons that there must be about 10% of the US population on the roads at any one time.

They have also joined us on the various outings we have made including the Baptism, local festivals and Dad joined us helping the Floyds clear out and convert their garage to a schoolroom.

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