31 July 2004

July 4 Celebrations.

On July 4 in the US everyone has great fun blowing up fireworks and/or watching them. Unfortunately in Georgia, Fireworks aren’t allowed – except July 4 when the law isn’t enforced. The best place to get fireworks is over the border in Tennessee where they have lots of fireworks stores selling things that go boom, fizz and make lots of smoke, noise and light. We did the trek and got the fireworks. These included Mortars, rockets, fizzing things, crackers, lots of stuff.

We then trekked to our friends place as they had lots of open sky – unlike our house. Once it was dark we had great fun shooting off the lot, without damaging anyone (except for a minor mishap with Lana). A remarkable achievement indeed!

A sample of the 4th July Hiawassee fireworks at the fairgrounds.

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