31 July 2004

Fedex & UPS

Our house is not the easiest place to find. Also, the house numbering is not completely consistent. Our house is numbered 4600. The first house you come to at the start of our road is 4680. Behind them is another house with no number. These two houses get ALL of our Fedex parcels. I suppose this is one way to meet the neighbours.
The company I work for used Fedex to send a box of brochures across the country. It didn’t arrive. After a lot of hassling, telephone calls, and investigation, Bretta finally found out that it was damaged en route. What was left was to be returned to us here. After more telephone calls and hassle we were finally told the remains were available at the local office in a folder. Bretta opened the folder and found a slip of paper mentioning the entire contents were wrecked. The total time to non-deliver the goods? One month. Perhaps they are providing interesting reading matter to a castaway on some island whose Fedex plane crashed.
The main UPS driver that delivers here is very good. He made the effort for the first parcel we had delivered to get to the right place. He found us and now we always ask for UPS. Unfortunately his replacements when he is on holiday also reckon our neighbours are close enough. *sigh*

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