31 December 2003

Medical System Part 2

On David’s most recent trip to Denver, he picked up the flu. We all got it. Being a typical bloke, David figured he would just get better, until he finally had enough, saw the doctor, and found he had two infected ears, congested lungs and all the rest of the flu/cold symptoms. Then Lana went, and we decided to take the rest of the family. This really panicked the doctor’s surgery. “All five at once! But the paperwork isn’t completed. It will take at least two hours to do all that paperwork before we can see them.” We had them fax the forms, we filled them out (3 pages each), and then faxed them back and saw them next day. The result – a spreadsheet detailing everyone’s medicines due once, twice or four times a day.
Now all are improved. Once more, for the Australian readers, the doctor’s visits are $25 US each and the various antibiotics were $251 US. Without insurance, these costs would have been substantially higher. Australians complaining about an increase in prescription costs to $6 AUD, need to look around and compare!

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