26 February 2010

Hear No Evil

Lana's dad came in with a present for the girls.  Some disposable ear plugs!
"Woohoo!" the girls explained.
Then the next moment they asked, "What are they?"
He explained what they were for and so they immediately tried them out.  While they were out of earshot, I asked Dad, "Shouldn't they be for us?"
We are still waiting.  * sigh*.
On Sunday evening Lana had a pretty busy day quilting and doing other crafty type things and went to bed around 9:30pm.  Then she called me over, "I can't feel the baby move.  I don't remember feeling him move all day."
So we poked and prodded to no effect.
I went online and read that a sweet drink should encourage the baby to start moving.  Lana looked at me with that "You're kidding" look, so I called the hospital and went in for a "trace".
A trace is when a monitor is placed on the belly to listen for the baby's heart beat.
So, after a 40 minute drive we arrived in the Maternity ward and were promptly taken to the room with the machine that goes ping.  One can worry and think a lot in 40 minutes.
Within a few seconds we heard the reassuring "Tapokita Tapokita Tapokita" of a heart beat, a sound we have heard many times before.
So now we have been requested to pop in to the hospital every 2nd day to hear that same reassuring sound.
Until the baby decides he wants to stop playing around and see his family!
On Tuesday we had our visit with the Doctor and he told us a sweet drink or some sugar works very well to wake up the baby.  The sugar is a stimulant and it takes about 25 minutes to affect the baby.  I looked across to Lana and just nodded.

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Anonymous said...

Ah.. the machine that goes Ping!

Excellent reference.