16 February 2010

Rain is great - sometimes

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had just over 100mm (4 inches) of rain.  This is good steady rain, the type that fills dams, water tanks and soaks into the ground.  Grass and trees are rejoicing, farmers are smiling again and gum boot sellers are liking the look of muddy ground.
But there are always those who find the grey lining to every silver cloud.  Martin wanted to play in the rain but we said he couldn't.  We had to go to Mass in a short time so we would have to wait for another time. However, he did agree to pose for this photo.
The other issue is that we have found lots of new places where the rain comes into our shop.  A leak here, a leak there, and an old and rusty box gutter combine to give us a pretty collection of drips under which we have placed a variety of buckets.  I was hoping to delay with the roof repairs I knew were needed, but they will have to be done sooner rather than later.

Lana and I went out clutching an umbrella to meet a roofing fellow who was able to see all the leaks in action and then climb up on the roof and check out the source.  I am sure the quote for the fix will be in soon.
On the other hand Eric did volunteer to check the rain gauge just to see how much rain we had so far. I think it was more to test his beloved Drizabone coat.

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Jenny said...

OMG Martin is the cuttest little cousin of mine

Xx Jenny