13 February 2010

Have I got a deal for you!

We have worked hard over the years to emphasise with the children that "There is no such thing as a free lunch" and working well can bring rewards.
As we mentioned earlier, Eric and I were up in Northern NSW helping set up business systems for friends of ours.  This was pretty full on, flying up on New Year's Day and then working 5 full days including a stock take (counting all the stock in the business and matching it to the records) and then while I worked on setting up the software, Eric went around the store matching bar codes to products.  He just set up a laptop on a wheeled office chair, plugged in the handheld barcode scanner and then had a nice long power cord connecting him from power point to power point.  Each time I looked up I noticed he had moved along to another section and more of the products had become matched up to their barcodes.
Once we had finished, Eric was able to make a deal with our friends and purchase a Drizabone coat.  He is very happy that we are currently having a lot of rain as this allows him to wear the coat almost everywhere.
Here he is showing how he could be a door to door salesman.  Somehow I think he may have mis-understood the concept.

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Nod said...

Ha! Made me laugh.